Trinity Boutique Hotel Rhodes

Restoration and rehabilitation of a historical building in Rhodes


Architects: Fokialis Evangelos, Kampouropoulos Savvas

Contributor: Fokiali Stamatia

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Area: 526 m^2

Project year: 2012

Construction years: 2012-2017

Historical context

The Old Town of Rhodes is undoubtedly a dynamic place and a living cell of the city. An environment composed of buildings and elements of different times and cultures, harmoniously integrated with each other. In the southeastern part of the Old Town, on Pericles Street, is the Trinity Boutique Hotel. A chateau building, originally ground floor, made of porous stone at the time of the Venetian occupation in the 15th century. Later in 1522, with the occupation of Rhodes by the Ottomans, a floor was added to the building.

Archetypal structure

The structure of the building is based on archetypal spatial structures. The entrance stoa, the atrium that shares the movements, as well as the enclosed spaces and the enclosed courtyard in the eastern part of the building.

Main Idea

The transformation of use from home to hotel accommodation and the utilization of archetypal spatial structures led to the central concept of composition. An underground public course that starts at the entrance, crosses the patio and ends up in the enclosed courtyard. All public spaces are now on the ground floor, while the approach of private spaces is through the stairs located in the atrium, which distributes the movements.


The restoration of the building was made with respect to the morphological character and the elevation of its structure. The necessary removals were made and the building material of the construction, which was previously covered with plaster, appeared. All other interventions were made with light wooden or metal structures.

Functional layout of room

The buildings have 6 rooms of 2 types. Three single rooms and three with loft. In the first category the separation of the main spaces by the auxiliaries is done by using a light screen. While in the loft rooms auxiliary spaces are located under the loft.

Site Plan

Floor Plan ± 0.00

Floor Plan +3.60

Floor Plan +6.05

Longitudinal Section

Longituidnal Section (B)

Diagram of Functional Structure