Elementary School in Guinee, Africa

Under Constuction

Architect: Pyliotis Alkiviadis,

Architecture Team: Evangelos Fokialis, Marianthi Papangelopoulou,Rafail-Aristotelis Sergios

Location: Guinee, Africa 

Area: 315 m^2

Project Year: 2014

Project Type: Volunteer - Synthesis

In 2014, we were assigned the design and implementation study of a school complex in Guinea, Africa, by the Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. The school complex includes a public library, an orthodox church, as well as some guesthouses for visiting teachers and priests.  

The careful study of the site, the climate, but also of the traditional African architecture, was decisive for composing the complex’s central idea. The use of local materials, the principles of bioclimatic design and introverted layout of our proposal, make up the central idea and suggest a school complex, which will develop around a central courtyard, thus constituting the life source and the organizing principle of the complex, as well as of the small surrounding community.

It must be taken into consideration that carrying out the study and our overall engagement were voluntary. This reflects our belief that through architecture, we can create the conditions for a better tomorrow.

Architectural Drawings

3D Architectural Visualization