Construction analysis and Intervention in existing building

Kalessa, Crete

Architects:Team Work

Supervisor : Eirini Efesiou

Location: Kalessa, Crete 

Area: 192 m^2

Project Year: 2015

Type: Educational Project -Restoration, Reuse

This project consists of two parts. The first part concerned the identification and study of the building construct of a traditional building in Kalessa, Crete. The second part related to formulating a proposal for the restoration, maintenance and the reuse of the selected building. Specifically, we were able to reach a comprehensive proposal for the design and reuse of the building, based on the principles of architectural composition, through the identification of the damages and their causes, the study of building repair and reinforcement methods, as well as the restoration of the damages and the building.

Existing Condition of the Building

Structural Axonometric

3D Visualization Reuse Proposal